WS1300 is designed and produced by EMPOTRAR TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. It innovatively realizes Nosie, PM2.5、PM10、CO、SO2、NO2、O3、T、RH、W、WDIR、P and rainfall through a highly integrated structure, which can realize the 24-hour continuous online monitoring of outdoor meteorological parameters and output the parameters to the EPA… In addition, it also can added to measure H₂S, volatile organic pollutants, total suspended particulate matter and other meteorological sensors (wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, sunshine radiation) Output is RS485(MODBUS protocol). WS1300 air pollution environment monitor can be used in urban grid environment monitoring and control, smart streetlights, scenic spots, factories or mines, construction sites (site dust monitoring), urban roads, highways, public places and other places related to air quality monitoring.


     WS1300 can be widely used in urban environmental monitoring, wind power generation, meteorological monitoring, Bridges, tunnels, ships, aviation airports, agricultural meteorology, water conservancy meteorology, power environment, highway meteorological monitoring and other fields. No maintenance and on-site calibration is required.


1、Standard configuration monitoring PM2.5、PM10、CO、SO2、NO2、O3、T、RH、W、WDIR、P and Rainfall (MODBUS)
2、High precision, reliable performance, suitable for outdoor weather harsh environment.
3、Parameter collection, optional wireless data collector, automatic data upload network platform, mobile phone client real-time data view.
4、Real-time monitoring of meteorological environmental data, low cost, suitable for grid distribution.
5、Small size, modular design, flexible layout.
6、Optional GPS positioning, device tracking function.
7、Data acquisition adopts 32-bit high-speed processing chip, stable and anti-interference.

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