Solar Radiation


          TBQ-2C is Mainly used to measure the wavelength of 0.3-3.2 micron solar total radiation. The meter is composed of double layer quartz glass cover, induction element, light screen, desiccant and other parts.

          The induction element, which is the core of the table, consists of a fast responding wire-wound electroplating thermopile. The induction surface is coated with 3M matt black paint. The induction surface is a hot contact. When the temperature rises when there is sunlight, it forms a thermoelectromotive force with the cold contact on the other side, which is proportional to the solar radiation intensity.

          The double glazing is designed to reduce the effect of air convection on the radiation table. The inner cover is designed to block the infrared radiation of the outer cover itself.

Technical Specification

 Item Specification
 Spectral range 300-3200nm
 Supply Passive
 Range 0-2000W/m2
 Output 0-20mV
 Sensitivity 7-14uv/W*m-2;uv-w-1-m2
 Internal resistance 160Ω
 Non-linearity <±2%
 Measuring angle 2π solid angle, 0-90°
 Response time ≤35s(99%)
 Zero drift (temperature drift:5k/h) ±5W/m2
 Stability ±2%/year
 Cosine correction ≤±7%(Solar elevation angle=10°)
 Temperature effect ≤±2%(-10℃-+40℃)
 Operating temperature -40℃-+80℃
 Recalibration interval 2 years
 Desiccant Silica gel desiccant
 Weight(unpacked) 107g
 Pack Aluminum alloy instrument box
 Ingress Protection IP65
 Installation bracket(optional) Horizontal bracket or adjustable angle bracket
 Storage Condition 10℃-60℃@20%-90%RH

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