Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge


● Good linearity, long transmission distance, and good anti-interference ability ;
● The unique design of the funnel can effectively prevent debris from blocking the funnel.
● The tipping part support system is well-made, with low friction, and the tipping part is sensitive and stable in performance.
● The rain sensor housing and main structure are made of stainless steel, with good appearance quality and high grade;
● The water inlet is made of stainless steel in a single stamping process, with good smoothness and small water retention error;
● There is a level-adjusting bubble in the chassis.


● Rain collector diameter:φ200mm
● Accuracy 0-250 mm per hour ; +/-2%
● Resolution 0.2mm(customizable 0.1mm)
● Output:

Dry reed pipe switch on and off, pulse
(1 pulse = 0.2mm rainfall)
4-20 mA RS485modbus

● Weigth:4KG
● Material:Stainless steel
● Respond time:1S
● Work environment:Temperature 0~+60℃
● Standard line length:1.5m
● Farthest lead wire:Current200m、 RS485 100 m、voltage 50m
● Ingress Protection:IP65

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