Temperature & Humidity Sensor


          RY-WS301 is developed for the measurement of temperature and humidity in outdoor meteorological monitoring system. It has the characteristics of linear response, wide measurement range, high accuracy, etc., and the probe solves the problems of temperature drift and temperature compensation.


          It is widely used in outdoor, communication room, intelligent building, subway, shopping mall, library and other places, especially in the field of precise measurement and control of temperature requirements. The sensor shell is professionally customized with mould dust-proof and waterproof, and the outdoor application is equipped with shutter box.


 ● Sensitive element with imported integrated
 ● Standard current and voltage signal output, optional temperature measurement range, single wet product
 ● Universal, hand-held design, easy to use
 ● special filter tube, excellent waterproof and dustproof
 ● Strong resistance to condensation, suitable for long-term operation in high humidity environment
 ● Fast response time, excellent long-term stability
 ● The external sensor can effectively reduce the influence of the self-heating of the transmission circuit

Technical Specification

Temperature Humidity Pressure
 Measuring range -40-60℃ 0-100%RH/span> 100-1100hPa
 Accuracy ±0.1℃ ±3%RH 0.5hpa
 Resolution 0.01℃ 0.01%RH 0.1 hPa
 Long-Term Stability < 0.5℃/year < 3%RH/year
 Output 0-10V,4-20mA,RS485
 Supply power DC9-24V
 Work temperature -40-60℃
 Storage condition -40-80℃
 Ingress Protection IP65
 Cable length 3m

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