Wind Speed Sensor


          RY-FS01 wind speed sensor adopts advanced circuit module technology to develop output and transmission, and internally converts pulse signal into digital signal. The appearance is small and light, easy to carry and assemble. The three-cup design concept can effectively obtain the external environment information. The shell is made of high-quality aluminum alloy profiles, and the external part is electroplated and sprayed with plastic. It has good anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion and other characteristics, which can ensure that the instrument can be used for a long time without rust. At the same time, with the internal smooth bearing system, it ensures the accuracy of information collection.

          It is widely used in wind speed measurement of intelligent greenhouse, weather station, ship, cableway, engineering machinery, environmental protection, weather station, wharf, aquaculture and other environments.


– Small size, convenient transportation and simple installation.

– High accuracy, wide range and good stability.

– Standard metal wind cup design, good processing quality.

– High linearity, long signal transmission distance, strong anti-interference ability.

Technical Specification

RY-FS01/S RY-FS01/485
 Output signal 4-20mA RS485modbus
 Measuring range 0-30 m/s 0-60m/s
 Supply voltage DC12V DC24V
 Working voltage DC12V < 30ma DC12V < 20ma
 Power Consumption DC12V < 0.36W DC12V < 0.24W
 Farthest lead wire 200 m、Voltage 50 m 100 m、Voltage 50 m
 Accuracy ±0.3 m/s full scale
 Resolution 0.7 m/S
 Load capacity <500 ohms
 Start the wind 0.7m/s
 Response time <1S
 Working temperature -20~60℃
 Weight 0.32Kg
 Installation method flange mounting or thread mounting
 Standard line length 1.5m
 Ingress Protection IP65

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