Water Level


     PLS100 submersible liquid level transmitter is mainly composed of imported load cell sensor, measurement circuit and process connection.

     It can convert the pressure signal parameters felt by theload cell into standard current and voltage signals. When the sensor is put into a certain depth in the measured liquid, the pressure of the measured medium is introduced into the positive pressure cavity of the sensor, and the atmospheric pressure Po on the liquid surface is connected to the negativepressure cavity of the sensor through the cable guide tube to offset the positive pressure of the sensor.

     Po, so that the sensor can measure the pressure , and by measuring the pressure, the depth of the liquid level can be obtained .


PLS100 submersible liquid level transmitter plays the role of protecting the sensor diaphragm, and can also make the liquid contact the diaphragm smoothly.

Anti-condensation design. Built-in miniature signal processing circuit for remote transmission. Has good stability and reliability.

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