Soil Moisture


          MP-508C soil temperature and humidity sensor measure soil humidity and soil temperature at the same time. It has the advantages of convenient carrying, sealing and high precision. Soil moisture is a soil volume moisture measuring instrument developed based on FDR principle, which can connect directly with the control instrument, but also connect various data collectors, handheld terminals, etc. For scientific research or irrigation management, the stainless steel probe of the sensor can be inserted into the soil surface or soil profile to quickly measure the soil temperature and humidity, and the 508c probe can be permanently buried in the ground and connected to a data recorder for long-term measurement.

          Frequency domain reflectometry (FDR) is a method to measure the soil moisture content by measuring the frequency change caused by the change of the dielectric constant of the sensor in the soil, which is transformed into the voltage or current relationship corresponding to the soil moisture content. It has the characteristics of high accuracy, fast, accurate, continuous fixed-point measurement, no radioactivity and no disturbance to soil.

          It can be widely used in soil moisture monitoring, water-saving irrigation, greenhouse control, fine agriculture, road monitoring, hydrometeorology and other fields.


– Short thermal response time and less dynamic error.

– Small diameter and unlimited length.

– High accuracy and good consistency.

– Imported probe element, reliable and stable performance.

Technical Specification

Soil Temperature Soil Moisture
 Measuring Range -20~80℃ 0~100%(m3/m3) 0~100%(m3/m3)
 Accuracy ±1℃(25℃) ±2%(0~50%(m3/m3,25℃)
 Structure 4-pin
 Response Time <1s
 Output RS485modbus RS485modbus
 Working Voltage DC12~24V
 Working Current 40ma(DC12V)
 Power Consumption DC12V <=0.6W
 Measuring Range 90% of the influence is in the cylinder with diameter of 2.5cm and length of 6cm around the central probe
 Sealing Material ABS( abrasive tools)
 Size 133*40mm(probe:60mm)
 Standard line length 2.5m
 Output lead wire Suggestion < 500m
 Stabilization Time About 10s after power on
 Ingress Protection IP68

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