Empotrar | EU-Std

Processor : 6 Core A72 & A53, Rock chip RK3399
Interface : One Ethernet, USB Host, USB Device, TFT LCD, Touchscreen, Watchdog, RTC, RS485, SD card
Board size : 220mm x 130mm

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Empotrar EU-std is data logger with industrial grade designed to automate collection of remote data from environmental monitoring, industrial measurements, and telemetry system via GSM/GPRS cellular networks from any location within the cellular network coverage area. Can be discharge calculation and connect sensor more than 30 sensor at the same time. Expanded log from 120,000 points to 1,000,000 points data, For field comparison data, choose the Portable Empotrar model (optional) with the protective box There is a waterproof storage box IP67 standard waterproof box for easy measurement and comparison of data.

Empotrar has watchdog timer to reset itself and auto reconnect on transmission failure capitalized on the carrier supported dynamic routing e.g. RIP V2, OSPF, BGP multicast to establish the best data route. The GRE Tunnel Keepalive feature provides the capability of configuring keepalive packets to be sent on regular interval. GPRS class 12 or Edge class 10, self-report, interrogation, event and timed modes supported.
Empotrar is data logger with Light LED status and Digital LCD display with communication module offer the possibility of continual, real-time data display and sending data that collect on many sensors for remote monitoring and control. (Data of measurement unit can set as 6 digit or more.)

Install the Empotrar with standard antenna 5 dBi to covering cellular network area enable data communication. Data on Empotrar will be sending out to server automatically. User can set condition of connection (Time Interval or Event Trigger modes supported). If connection broken or fail all data will be stored in Empotrar internal memory (1 year recorded) and when connection have recovered (Auto Recovery), sending data will start automatically so the data on server always will be kept update.

Empotrar also supports 2 servers as redundant server or primary and secondary server as well as support Two Way Communication with TCP/IP protocol, FTP, HTTP, which can be supported on the operating system MS Windows server and Linux and Android.


– Support Linux 2.6.30 System
– LED driver
– USB Host
– NET : Ethernet, TCP/IP, Telnet
– Serial port driver, RS485/RS232 Driver
– Yaffs filesystem


– CPU : 6 Core A72 & A53, Rock chip RK3399
– ROM: 16GB eMMC
– Support Buzzer
– RS232 Serial port : 1 RS232
– RS485 Serial port : One RS485 serial port
– Ethernet : One 10/100Mbps Ethernet port (RJ45)
– USB port : Two High-speed USB 2.0 Host port, 480Mbps
– SD card slot : One SDHC card interface(Hot plug-and-play)
– LED : 1 x Power LED,1 x System LED
– Button : 1 x Reset KEY

Mechanical Parameters

– Dimensions : 26 cm x 7 cm x 14 cm
– Weight : 1 kg.
– Power Input Voltage : 12V
– Temperature Range : -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃
– Humidity Range : 0% ~ 100%


– Remote and urban environmental monitoring.
– Surface water stream gaging.
– Water quality monitoring.
– Meteorological monitoring stations.
– Edge computing, facial recognition, 5G.
– 3D printer, POS terminal, 4K tablet, game box, TV box.
– NAS, VOIP, IoT, security, etc.

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