Temperature & Humidity Sensor & Atmospheric pressure


          RY-WSY301 measure temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure. It adopts imported high integrated temperature and humidity sensor chip and atmospheric pressure chip. The chip adopts full range calibration digital output. The temperature and humidity sensor chip adopts CMOS ENS technology to ensure high reliability and excellent long-term stability, including a capacitive polymer humidity sensor and temperature sensor made of energy gap material. It is widely used in agriculture, forestry, meteorology and other industries as well as climate room and other places. The sensor can be equipped with ry-nt02 weather light shutter box for outdoor monitoring.

Working Principle

          The sensor adopts the imported SHT11 chip and the imported sensor module ms5540c. The module includes a temperature sensing element, a humidity sensing element, a piezoelectric resistance pressure sensing element and an ADC interface IC. It has a wide range and strong anti-static ability. They are converted into digital Modbus protocol output through the change of environment parameters.

Technical Specification

 Item Specification
 Measuring range Temperature: -40-60℃
Humidity: 0-100%RH
Pressure: 100-1100hPa
 Accuracy Temperature: ≦0.1℃(@25℃,typical
Humidity: ≦±3%RH(@25℃,20%-80%RH,typical)
Pressure: 0.5hpa
 Resolution Temperature: 0.01℃
Humidity: 0.05%RH Pressure: 0.1 hPa
 Working Voltage 9V~24V(12V)
 Work Current DC12V < 20ma
 Power Consumption DC12V < 0.24W
 Output RS485(Modbus)
 Ingress Protection IP65
 Work Environment
Temperature: -40℃~60℃
Humidity: < 100%RH

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